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Step 1
Your first 72 hours in the business

(Make sure to take notes)

Download the following Apps


Zoom- Zoom is a video conference app where we do Team trainings. We do team training every:

Monday at 7:00pm PST (General Team Training)

Tuesday at 5:00pm PST (Spanish Team Training)


Voxer- A voice messaging app to stay in contact with

the team.


It Works Connect App- Here you will find additional training videos, tools, your current customers, and more!


It Works Pay App- Here is where we get Paid 🤑 Once

you set up your account you can transfer your money directly to your bank account or request your very own It Works Card.


Join our

Team Unstoppable Facebook Private Team Page!

Make sure to have your enroller or upline add you to our private team page on Facebook! Here you can stay plugged and stay up to date with our team, announcements , promotions, trainings, and much more!!

Step 2
Fill out Tax-Form

In order to get paid you need to complete your tax form.


Go to 

(This is your back office) Sign in with your Distributor ID NUMBER and input the password you created when joining. 

step 3
Set up 80BV Autoship

To set up your 80BV autoship visit your esuite!


Go to 

Sign in with your Distributor ID NUMBER and input the password you created when joining. 

As a distributor in order to get Paid 💸 you must be Commission Qualified‼️

There is 2 ways to become commission qualified!

1. By following this video and setting up your 80bv autoship. You buy 2-3 products a month which you can sell and make instant Cash 💵 OR you can use the products yourself and be a product of the product. Your personal results with our products will BLOW UP 🚀 your business 💸💸.

2. 150 PBV- This means you sell 150 in Personal Bonus Volume. You get anywhere from 4-8 clients that equal up to 150 points. (We always recommend the 1st option of 80BV auto-ship, this is a must! Running your 80BV Auto-Ship will guarantee you you get paid and will get you cash in person 


step 4
Print the following Tools 

Steps to Success Sheet:

Our steps to success sheet is our goal every single month. You can print one every month and title it by the current month. 

Potential Loyal Customer (PLC) List:

Every single time someone shows interest in becoming a customer, write them down on this sheet. This will keep you organized and allow you to follow up with them every week.

Potential Distributors (PDT) List:

Every single time someone shows interest in joining your team or becoming a distributor, write them down on this sheet. This will keep you organized and allow you to follow up with them every week.

100s List:

Here is a great place to brainstorm and write down all of the potentials that could either join the business or be your customers.  

step 5
Post your "Adventure Post"

Your adventure post tells the world "Im open for business" and launches your business on Social Medias. This is a very important step and we recommend you speak from your heart and share with your friends and loved ones why you joined this business and maybe some things you hope to achieve through this business. Post your adventure post on both your Facebook and Instagram. The key is to be Raw/Real speak from your heart and let the world know "Ready or not, Here I come'!!!  Here is some examples that can help you write yours.

step 6

Get your first 4 Loyal Customers in 30 days and earn a $100 Shopping Spree PLUS Commissions!

Your very first goal when starting your business is getting your first 4 Loyal Customers. When you do this you will make Commisions $$ and you will also Earn a $100 Shopping Spree that you can use on our It Works Store..

 What is a Loyal Customer?? A loyal customer is simply a customer who orders 1 product a month for a minimum of 3 months then he/she will receive 40% off. When you visit your website you will find that all products have 2 prices. Full price and Loyal Customer Price or (Distributor Price)

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 1.18.02 PM.png

Loyal Customer Price Is a client who orders once a month for a minimum of 3 months then receives 40% OFF. 

Retail Price also known as

 Full Price. Customer orders only one time.

For ideas on how to get Loyal Customer or how to speak to Potential Customers visit the Loyal Customer Script Section

Example msg: If you know someone that wants longer hair!

Hey (Name)! I just started working with a health and wellness company and I saw that we have a hair supplement that can help your hair grow out! I’m needing a few product testers who I know and trust to give me their honest review after using the product for 90 days! You will get my wholesale pricing which is 40% off the retail price and you’re also going to get a lot of other perks! Is this something you’d be interested in? 😊

Change the wording according to the product you are suggesting to your potential customer!
Remember to be yourself, be thoughtful and personal!✨

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