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Getting Loyal Customers

To begin what is a Loyal Customer??

A Loyal customer is customer who orders once a month for a minimum of 3 months! (They can choose a different product each month and they can order 1 or more products each month).

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Benefits of becoming a Loyal Customer

  • Receive 40% OFF our entire catalog for life!

  • Earn Perk Points (These points can be used for Free Product)

  • Access to special monthly offers.

How to get Customers Fast

Here are some great Post ideas along with scripts for you to follow and begin enrolling your first customers.💸💸💸


Looking for Hair Models

1️⃣Post a cute picture of a girl with pretty  hair on your Facebook and Instagram. You can use the following wording/caption. Choose picture 


Is anyone trying to grow out their hair? I'm looking for hair models!💇💇🏻 I want to help 6 ladies do a 3 month challenge to have healthy, stronger and longer hair!💓Dm Me or DROP your favorite emoji and I'll msg you!☺️👇

2️⃣When someone comments "ME", privately msg them this!👇

Hey girl! How are you? I just saw your comment! I'm so excited for you to try our famous hair vitamins!😍

3️⃣Once they reply and ask what they have to do, send them this!👇

So I have one spot left with your name on it if you want to grow your hair out! 😊

They are normally $55 but as a model for me, they are $33 a month for 3 months in exchange for your before and afters.

You will also get free product credit and wholesale on all of our other products 💕

4️⃣If they say yes, msg them this!👇

Awesome! I'm putting in a couple other orders right now if you want me to do yours too! What's your phone number? Mine is 702-888-8888

Important Note! We always place our customers orders because if we leave it up to them 🙈  They will forget or be to busy to place it. So don't leave it up to them, simply place their order by following these steps


Friends and Family

1️⃣ Message your friends and family the following Script by Facebook Messenger, Instagram Message, or Txt message. 

Hey! ______ how are you?

I'm super excited, and I want to share with you my new business! I'm building my 2019 portfolio of reviews and you came to my mind! 💕I would like to know if you'd be interested in being one of my models! All you have to do is use any of my products for only 90 days and give me your honest review at the end! 😍 In return I will give you my wholesale price on my entire catalog!

Can I count on your for support?

2️⃣Once they say yes, you can send them this!👇

Awesome! Right now I still have spots for HSN- hair, lash, and nail growth- $33,
Our herbal 2-day Cleanse- $36,
Weight loss package - $119
Wraps to tighten, tone, and firm any area of your body! - $59
Defining Gel- to reduce cellulite- $45
Stretchmark cream- reduces scars and stretch marks - $39
Keto Coffee- our famous fat burning coffee $39

Do any of those interest you?💗

3️⃣Oncee they select a product make sure to send a photo of the product and some general information of that product.

(Example If they choose HSN)

Yay! You are absolutely going to love your results! Our Hair Vitamins will help you have longer, healthier, and thicker hair. It also prevents breakage and delivers Vitamin C E B6 + Biotin💗


4️⃣ After this, you can proceed to place their order.


Facebook/IG Status Questions

1️⃣ Post one of the following Questions on your Facebook Status or Ask the question on a Instagram/Facebook POLL ( If you do a poll, for the 2 responses you can add "ME" and "MORE INFO PLEASE")

💚Is anyone trying to grow out their hair? I'm looking for 3-5 hair models!💇💇🏻

💚LADIES!!!!!! Who has stretch marks or c-section scar & wants to get rid of them?! 🙅🏼

💚OK! Who is SUPER SERIOUS about losing 10-20 lbs over the next 3 months? 👇🏼🌴👙☀️

💚Is anyone trying to get rid of cellulite?
I'm looking for 6 models! 👇

💚Who feels constipated and bloated? I need 4-5 product testers for our famous colon Cleanse!

💚Who is trying to tighten tone and firm for summer? I'm looking for 3-6 models!

💚Who is stressed out? I need 3-5 product testers to try our Stress-reliever product and give me their honest review!

💚Is anyone trying to clear up their acne? I'm looking for 5 models who struggle with acne and want to have clear skin!

💚Who doesn't have time eat healthy and needs a daily nutrition intake to help boost your energy?! I'm looking for 3-4 people!

💚Who eats greasy food and needs a carb blocker to prevent weight gain?
I'm looking for 5 people!

💚Who is looking for a good protein shake to replace meals, stay full and cut of cravings? I'm looking for 3-4 product testers!

💚Who needs an extra boost to gain muscle mass and enhance your exercise?! I need 6 models that already go to the gym regularly!

💚Is anyone trying to lose 20 or more pounds? I'm looking for 4 to 5 models! 👏🏻

💚Who is trying to lose 5-15 lbs? I am looking for three people to do our TWO day all natural cleanse🌿


Triple Threat IG/FB Poll

Here is a Triple Threat weight loss Poll that you can post on your Instagram or Facebook Stories 💪 Along with the full script below👇

(POST these slides on your Stories in the following order.)


‼️On this Final slide MAKE SURE TO ADD the Instagram or Facebook Poll ‼️ Right on top of the one I created, so you can make sure your potentials vote either ME  or MORE INFO PLEASE!

Full Script

💜1st msg

Hey Gorgeous 💕 How are you?? Thank you so much for participating on my instagram poll, I would absolutely Love to help you reach your health goals 😍 How much weight would you like to lose?

💜 2nd msg

Awesome! Thank you for sharing that with me 💕I can definitely help you achieve that goal, especially with our incredible Triple Threat!! These 3 products combined are a Weight Loss Fat Burning Machine 🔥 Our Thermofight X alone is clinically proven to burn 10lbs a month combined with a low carb diet and exercise!🔥 Our Greens give you all the nutrition you need delivering 52 herbs & super foods along with 34 fruits and veggies. Last but not least our Fat-Fighters burn carbs after you eat heavy meals which prevents you from gaining weight 😃 They are incredible!!Would you like to be one of my product models and receive a huge discount?😍

💜3rd msg.

Now our Fat Fighters+Greens+ Thermofight X “Triple Threat Pack” is normally $166 total retail, but as a model for me, it’s only $96 a month for 3 months in exchange for your before and afters or an honest review. 😊
You will also get free product credit and wholesale on all of our other products 🙌🏼
Are you ready to see some incredible results? 😍

💜4th msg
Awesome! I’m actually placing a few orders right now and would be more than happy to place yours😍 What is your phone number ? Mine is 702-777-7777

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