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Example on how to explain Loyal Customer Program

Let’s say somebody is interested in the Hair Skin & Nails vitamins, make sure you give them the Retail Price AND the Loyal Customer Price that way they can see the difference, and of course they will be interested in the best price which is loyal customer price! You can find all the prices of all of our products in your website!



Hello, Im interested in
buying your Hair Vitamins
Awesome! You are absolutely going to love our Hair Vitamins 😍
They are $55 Retail Price or $33 as my Loyal Customer💕
How do I become a Loyal Customer?
To be a loyal customer all you have to do is order 1 product a month for only 3 months 💕
you can also choose a different one each time and you get loyal customer price starting today!😍


Once a loyal customer completes three months of ordering, the best part about being a loyal customer is they get 40% off our entire catalog for life!!! They can choose to order anytime they want after that and they will always have our discount!👌

✨When a loyal customer completes their 3 months and wants to stop ordering, they will have to manually turn off their AutoShip on their customer account.

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