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Post your "Adventure Post"

Your adventure post tells the world "Im open for business" and launches your business on Social Medias. This is a very important step and we recommend you speak from your heart and share with your friends and loved ones why you joined this business and maybe some things you hope to achieve through this business. Post your adventure post on both your Facebook and Instagram. The key is to be Raw/Real speak from your heart and let the world know "Ready or not, Here I come'!!!  Here is some examples that can help you write yours.
Here is a Template you can use to write your own adventure post
Hi everyone! I'm SO excited because I just joined a health and wellness company called It Works! I've heard so many great things from people who purchase our products and those who are reps (like me). I joined It Works! to help ( Y O U R - W H Y - H E R E ) and gain some friendships along the way with the amazing people in this company! To celebrate my start with the company, I am looking for 6 people who want to try some awesome products at my discounted price! Feel free to message me any questions and check the comments for some testimonials.
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